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COVID-19 Vaccine Update #1


To: All Residents/Families/Responsible Parties

From: James Rosenman, CEO

Date: 12/14/2020

Subject: Resident COVID-19 Vaccine - Important Information

New York State in coordination with other federal agencies have determined that long-term care facilities' residents and staff (includes Andrus on Hudson) will be among the first to have access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

CVS Health is handling the logistics and distribution of the vaccine for Andrus on Hudson, including the actual on-site administration of the vaccine to residents through on-site vaccine clinics. All doses will be administered to residents in their room by CVS staff.

The vaccine is a two-dose vaccine, with a separation of time between receiving the two doses of around 21 days; the clinic dates below are spaced out for that purpose

Residents/families/responsible parties will be notified of their assigned clinic day:

· Tentatively (subject to final confirmation): The clinic dates are being held on:

  • 10a-4p on 12/23/2020: First Dose Date

  • 10a-4p on 1/2/2021: First Dose Date

  • 10a-4p on 1/13/2021: Second Dose Date

  • 10a-4p on 1/23/2021: Second Dose Date

Residents cannot receive a vaccine until a consent form is signed by a Resident or authorized representative/responsible party

Meaghan Mooney, Ashley Scala and Melissa Estevez will assist you in completing your consent forms.

  • There is no cost for the vaccine but CVS will bill insurance for the administration of the vaccine.

We believe the COVID-19 vaccine is a critical tool to protect employees and residents. However, Andrus on Hudson is not mandating the vaccine for residents and we respect the decision of residents to decline receiving the vaccine.

We do encourage you to learn more about the benefits and risks of the vaccine in order to help you make a well- informed decision:

Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

FDA COVID-19 Vaccine Information:



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