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Dropping Off Items for Residents

We are actively assisting loved ones that have been dropping off bags of personal items for residents. Individuals have been dropping off items like candy, etc. and while this isn't a physical connection, it is meaningful in many ways and we believe strongly in facilitating that.

There are constraints related to the logistics with what AOH can receive and deliver to residents. Further, we have implemented infection control protocols as necessary with these deliveries. More information is below regarding the process with deliveries:

To better accommodate deliveries and to make sure that the residents are receiving his/her items in a timely fashion, we respectfully ask for your assistance and cooperation with these requests:

• Items should be delivered between the hours of 11am and 2pm seven days a week in a bag when possible and appropriate

• Please Make sure the resident’s name and room number is on the "delivery bag".

• Please place the bags on the bench in the vestibule and ring the electronic bell to notify the front desk . An AOH employee will pick it up and place it into the delivery queue

• Please only add essential items. We reserve the right to turn away excessive or inappropriate items

• We request that you do not deliver raw foods such as vegetables, fruit, etc. While the science behind COVID-19 transmission through food is evolving, we are taking extra precautions with raw food. Current CDC guidelines suggest a very low risk of transmission of the virus through food.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we work hard to protect our residents and staff.

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