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General Communications

AOHNotify (Notify) was built and rolled-out as a communications tool in March of 2020, specifically focused on COVID-19 information/updates related to Andrus on Hudson. Since its roll-out, we have been very pleased with the adoption and regular use of Notify and the number of subscribers has continued to grow.

While AOH utilizes "traditional" communication tools such as regular mail, the demand for electronic updates and access to information has increased.

We continue to see encouraging signs and data that suggest a large decrease in Covid-19 infections within the greater community ( and the same within AOH) --so we will continue to utilize Notify for COVID-19 related information and updates, however, we are also working on plans to expand the use of Notify for : urgent information notifications, access to certain documents such as resident/patient handbook and other communications.

We look forward to expanding the use of AOHNotify and we greatly appreciate your on-going use and support of this important communications tool.

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