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General Update

As you are likely aware- the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the greater community has continued to rise over the last several weeks. We also report our data in the "notifications" section of AOHNotify. In prior posts, we have indicated that we are monitoring data from a variety of sources (including but not limited to: NY DOH, CDC, Infection Control practices from academic medical centers) in coordination with our medical team that we use to make more-informed decisions about approaches, processes, protocols, etc. we implement in order to protect our residents, patients and staff.

The staff of AOH work hard and diligently to ensure all regulatory requirements are not just met but exceeded where possible and when it makes good sense.

Some recent examples of exceeding requirements:

  1. We are currently mandated to have staff tested 1x weekly for COVID-19, AOH has recently made the decision to exceed that requirement and is moving to 2x a week for employees working 4 days or more a week.

  2. In the initial phases of a COVID outbreak the region--over 6 months ago, we provided and mandated the use of protective eyewear for care providers in order to better protect them and residents/patients-- we exceeded PPE requirements at that time and we were ahead of the curve as a new recommendation has just been released regarding protective eye-wear in all skilled nursing facilities.

  3. We have deployed 30+ HEPA and H13 grade air purifiers throughout the building in higher traffic areas to help reduce the risk of potential aerosolized virus.

  4. We recently installed a state-of-the art thermal imaging camera system to detect employee temperatures upon entry to the building.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as our entire AOH team works hard to protect residents, patients and staff members.

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