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General Update

With the latest Covid-19,Omicron wave, AOH worked hard to protect residents, staff and loved ones. This work has not stopped since March of 2020; the methods, processes and techniques used to combat Covid-19 in the nursing facility have continued to evolve but the constant has been dedication and an anti-complacency approach to infection control.

As the latest wave has subsided (from its peaks), we have modified processes and approaches with the guidance of our exceptional clinical leadership team in alignment with federal and state regulations and best practices.

  • There are protocols that will remain until further notice and those include visitor testing and screening, we will update you if/when that changes. The team at AOH, particularly our front desk concierge staff, have worked very hard to ease the and assist with the rapid testing process for visitors- and they will continue to do so. AOH is working hard to ensure visitors have as little burden as possible to visit while also ensuring infection control and regulatory standards are always met.

  • Dining has resumed for residents that desire to eat in our main dining room. This has been going well and any updates/protocols, etc. will be communicated to you as we continue to move forward with the resumption of dining.

  • Visitors are required to wear masks at all times when in the building per NY State regulations, we thank all visitors for their continued cooperation with this requirement.

We have heard and read reports of an Omicron Subvariant circulating in some parts of the world and we will update you if there are any anticipated process changes,, etc. with regard to AOH as a result of this newly circulating strain.

Andrus on Hudson is truly dedicated to exceptional care and services- and strives for excellence in all ways- this means focusing on and always seeking to do better, we appreciate feedback from residents, staff, loved ones and all stakeholders and encourage that input.

Thank you for your support.



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