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General Update

We hope you are having a nice summer, please see the following general updates below:

  • As part of our on-going infection control protocols, we are routinely checking data including Covid-19 prevalence in the region- and following . We are aware of newer variants that are circulating and are receiving updates from state and federal agencies of any changes to processes/ protocols

  • There has been a small uptick of staff Covid-19 cases and we are monitoring and trending the incidence rate- we remain vigilant with infection control and prevention practices

  • We are receiving some general updates and guidance from the CDC, NY DOH and other related sources regarding "Monkeypox". Our current infection control and prevention practices are focused on Covid-19 but also other communicable illnesses including Flu, etc.- this includes symptom surveillance. At this point we are monitoring the situation and information from applicable agencies and sources- and will address and respond as needed.

  • was initially rolled-out to be AOH's main online information site focused on Covid-19. While the site will continue to provide updates on Covid-19, we are actively planning on expanding its functionality to include general day-to-day information. We are planning for a roll-out of this feature to occur in 4th quarter of 2022, please stay tuned for more information on this new feature!



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