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General Update and Posting Info

As COVID-19 positive cases have been rising in areas of New York, we remain highly vigilant about maintaining tight infection control standards-- recently, we had a routine Infection Control Survey (inspection) by the New York State Department of Health to ensure we have implemented and maintain strong protocols, processes and practices. We are pleased to report that the inspection resulted in no deficiencies.

Examples of current infection control initiatives:

* We maintain levels of Personal Protective Equipment for current use -- and stockpile emergency reserves

* There are high level H13 air purifiers in use throughout the building, we have recently added True HEPA air purifiers, too-- to further supplement the purifiers we already have

* Intensified cleaning particularly in identified high-touch areas

* Distancing and other related precautions

* COVID-19 Testing (above requirements) for new admissions

A note about posting frequency on AOHNotify:

If you have an email account, you have probably signed-up to receive emails, newsletters, etc. from organizations and companies, Sometimes those companies and organizations simply send so many emails that they just aren't opened and read.

We want to make sure that we provide updates specific to Andrus on Hudson and COVID-19 on a reasonable frequency/when needed but the general postings are not scheduled for a specific frequency (aside from daily statistics available through the notification section). We will continue to update AOHNotify with pertinent and important information. If you have not subscribed to receive an email when there is a new post, we encourage you to do so through the main page (top- subscriptions).



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