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General Updates

We hope that you had nice Thanksgiving Holiday. Below are varied general updates:

  1. News of Omnicron Covid variant: We are aware of the news regarding the Omnicron variant and are closely monitoring new developments (as applicable). It is important to note that studies of this variant have started very recently and there is much more to be learned about the variant's severity, how easily it spreads compared to other variants--and the effectiveness of the current vaccines against the strain. We remain as vigilant as we always have been with infection control protocols and processes and will update and implement those as necessary. As we receive more information from state and federal officials, we will communicate changes (if any) and updates.

  2. Expanding use of AOHNotify: We have received positive feedback about AOHNotify and some people have suggested it be used more often to provide general updates, reminders and notifications beyond Covid related and other more urgent messages. We appreciate this feedback and as a result we are actively exploring expanding the use of Notify and we will communicate changes to the platform within the next several weeks.

  3. Queen of Hearts: Thank you to everyone who plays this fun game of chance on a weekly basis. It has been a successful program so far-- the proceeds of this game are used for providing "extraordinary" programs and services such as generally free of charge hair dressing services and expanded community life activities. You can pay for tickets at:

There are currently no cases of Covid at AOH.



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