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Important: We Need You to Take Action!

Please CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR, ASSEMBLY MEMBER, AND THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE TODAY, URGING FOR A MEDICAID RATE INCREASE OF AT LEAST 10%. You can find your legislators’ contact information here. · The proposed increase of 6.5% is woefully inadequate considering AOH (and other skilled nursing facilities) have not received an increase in the base Medicaid rate for 14 years. · At Andrus on Hudson, without a substantial increase in our operating rate, we are being put in financial jeopardy over the long run. With few non-profit nursing homes still operating, we are an endangered species that needs to be protected. · A substantial Medicaid rate increase is a critical first step to ensuring the financial viability of high-quality, non-profit nursing homes like Andrus on Hudson. Please call your Senator’s Albany Office first, and leave a voicemail if someone does not answer the phone. Then call your Assembly Member and the Governor’s office. Be sure to ask your lawmakers to standup in conference, urging for better funding for nursing homes – and that 6.5% is nowhere near enough to support our workforce & quality resident care.

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