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Medical Model Update

Dear Resident/family member,

Over the past month, AOH made several enhancements to our medical model in order to provide the best possible care to you/your loved ones. We have already received positive feedback.

Below are some updates that I wanted to share:

· Dr. Familusi has been covering floors 2-4 as the primary care physician for the past month. He will continue to do so for about two more weeks while we on-board our new full time on-site physician. He will then return to his role of providing strategic oversight of our service at AOH as our Chief Medical Officer.

· Dr. Annabi and Dr. Rabadi have officially joined us as co-Medical Directors and had their on-site rounds last week. They will both be on-site weekly going forward.

· On May 4th, Mahendra Jorawar joined our medical team as our new full-time Nurse Practitioner. He is a Doctor of Nurse Practice and has already hit the ground running. Please join me in welcoming him to AOH.

· Dr. Yunus continues to be our 5th floor physician and we are grateful for all he does for our residents and families.

As our model continues to evolve I will remain in touch and keep you up to date. Our focus remains on continually finding new and better ways to serve our residents and patients.


Jon V. Kole, COO



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