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Meet Brenda

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions were put in place at health care facilities such as Andrus on Hudson (AOH) to reduce the risk and spread of the disease amongst residents and others. One of these restrictions caused the closure of AOH’s onsite hair/beauty salon- which then significantly limited options to do hairdressing and other related services for residents.

While perhaps not seen as a “critical service” by regulations, AOH knew the importance of maintaining the well-being and dignity of all residents through the continued offering of hair and beauty services was of paramount importance.

But with the hair salon/beauty shop closed, what could be done to ensure this valuable service for residents and patients safely continue?

A wonderful addition to the AOH team

Along came Brenda Rice! She was referred to us by staff members who knew her from another setting in which she provided hair/beauty services but also because she has a well-known hair salon shop relatively close to AOH.

Thankfully, Brenda agreed to join the AOH team *during the peak of Covid-19 to date* to provide quality hair and related beauty salon services to residents in the privacy of their own rooms or other appropriate settings. She is highly-respected and appreciated for her wonderful rapport with residents and staff, her talent and her compassion. Brenda lifts residents' spirits through every interaction and every gentle touch.


Andrus on Hudson provides most of these services free of charge to residents and patients--an outlier among many other healthcare services providers.




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