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New and Updated Information: Resuming Visitation

First and foremost, thank you for continued patience as we have been working through new and evolving rules and regulations about resumption of visitation at Andrus on Hudson (and all nursing facilities).

Please read the important information below:

1. Resumption of visitation at AOH will begin tomorrow 3/12. All visitation scheduling/selection of times should be made through our preferred scheduling application at this link: If you cannot utilize the application, please contact the Community Life Department via email: or contact Ashley Scala with the Community Life Department via phone, extension 659.

2. Federal agencies (CDC and CMS) both released updated guidance to the states regarding nursing home visitation (and relaxation of current rules/regulations). It is important to note ** that this guidance has (as of this post time/date) not been adopted by the New York Department of Health-- and as a result, the current rules/regulations still stand such as the *1* person positive rule (if 1 resident or staff member tests positive on any testing, visitation must pause for at least 14 days). We remain optimistic the current rules will be updated to reflect the more accommodating but safety-focused federal guidance in order to maintain consistency and predictability with visitation.

3. A fact sheet will be distributed to all visitors including requirements visitors must follow in order to maintain and ensure safety-focused visitation. This fact sheet can also be downloaded (see below) and will be on the main page of AOHNotify.

4. We are currently requiring rapid testing of all visitors (or proof of a professionally verified negative COVID test within 72 hours of the visit) , this is a requirement for visitation and we appreciate cooperation with this requirement in order to protect all residents and staff. Upon arrival, a staff member will review this process and other related protocols for visitation with you.

5. Visitors should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their visit time to allow for rapid testing and results.

Our goal is to increase visitation of loved ones in a safe and organized manner. Because some of the processes are new and have been released recently, it is possible there will be some "bumps" as we roll the new protocols out. Our families/loved ones are overwhelmingly supportive and patient when these types of bumps occur. However, if any visitor refuses to cooperate with the requirements or is abusive to staff, they will be barred from that visit.

AOH and its staff are very eager to have visitation resume as fast and safely as possible and have been working hard to make sure everything is being done properly to make this happen.

We look forward to seeing you!

AOH In person visitation fact sheet - 2-
Download • 156KB

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