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New Enhanced Cable Service Package

Andrus on Hudson has partnered with Atlice USA/Optimum to offer new TV services via a special discounted agreement for residents. This plan can replace any individual plan at AOH (agreement between resident and Alitice/ Optimum).

The new Andrus on Hudson plan package provides the following services:

  • iO Preferred Package with Encore Movies

  • HBO Package

  • Showtime Package

  • 50 digital music channels by Stingray

  • One digital cable box per TV

  • Tech Support, Cloud DVR service, Internet and Phone orders will be coordinated by AOH through a dedicated Account Manager at Optimum

The new monthly fee is a significantly lower cost than the existing cable/TV packages currently available to residents via Optimum.

You must approve this new service if you make decisions on behalf of a resident(s). If you are interested in participating in the new cable service with Andrus on Hudson please let us know by July 28th, 2021. A resident trust account must be active to participate in this new package offering as the monthly fee will be billed to that account.

The new service will begin August 1st, 2021.

Please contact Meghan Mooney at extension 663 or by email:



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