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New Requirements

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has issued new requirements regarding visitation:

DOH, effective 1/12/22, will be requiring all visitors to have a negative Covid test result prior to visitation into the nursing facility. Important points:

  1. The tests must be done within 24 hours of visitation and have a negative result- all visitors will affirm that the tests have been conducted and are negative prior to visiting residents/patients (provide information to front desk)

  2. Andrus on Hudson has enough rapid tests on hand to provide to visitors for the next two weeks as a courtesy but after that time period, AOH does not anticipate being able to provide the tests due to lack of inventory due to supply chain issues, please inquire at front desk to receive your rapid test

  3. Due to supply/inventory considerations, under no circumstances should rapid tests be obtained and not used for visitation purposes for the same day visit-- any hoarding of tests or unauthorized means of obtaining a rapid test are prohibited

  4. Window visits and virtual visits do not require a test within a 24-hour period

We were not aware nor informed by DOH that this new requirement was being considered for implementation and we apologize we have to provide this information so soon to the effective date of the requirement. We are also aware that this new requirement may be at odds with the federal regulations that specifically do not require visitor testing. We hope we will receive more clarifying information in the near future and will update you when we are able.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through these new requirements.



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