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Project Look- Ahead: Week of 12/4/23

  • Mezzanine Floor Work Commences: Initial phase of construction will begin on the Mezzanine Floor, focusing on prep and demolition work as needed.

  • Exterior Fencing for Project Parking: Fencing will be installed around the designated project parking area (grassy area adjacent to lower parking lot) to better maintain parking for staff and visitors.

  • Construction Protection Implementation: You will see safety barriers and protective measures around the construction zones as part of the overall safety program.

  • Installation of Construction Signage: Signage will be installed to inform and direct staff, residents, and visitors safely around the construction areas.

  • Framing Work: The construction team will start the framing phase, which involves constructing new walls on the mezzanine according to the renovation plans.

  • Flooring Work: Following the framing, the installation of new flooring will begin.

As available, week to week, we will provide computer made renderings of various components of the project (as completed).

Rendering Snapshot: Upon completion of the project, the mezzanine will be "connected" to the lobby by stairs to allow for other accessibility options and to reduce major additional demands on the elevators.

This schedule is subject to change based on project progress and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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