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Transportation Service Issues

We want to make you aware of a current issue with the transportation services that Medicaid provides for residents to go to doctor visits and other health-related trips.

Recently there have been longer waits and some other logistical problems that have made getting to and leaving appointments on time much more difficult. The root of the issue appears to be a dispute transportation providers are having with New York State

According to CBS New York:

"The 10 companies under United Transportation Providers of Westchester County Inc. are stopping Medicaid transportation because they say the state isn't paying them enough. In a rate study, the state Department of Health says the average trip costs $70, but companies are being reimbursed about $53."

We are working closely with our state association and Department of Health to make sure they are aware of the issues--and also to help find interim solutions until this issue resolves. In addition, we are exploring other options to help ensure residents and patients get to their appointments on the scheduled days and times.

This is a frustrating situation and we appreciate your understanding as we work through this challenge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Andrus on Hudson Social Services Department We will continue to keep you updated.



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