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Update 5/26, Employee Testing:

Dear Andrus on Hudson Community,

I begin today with a thank you – a thank you to every member of our Andrus on Hudson community for all you are doing to support one another as we continue to take the steps necessary to fend off COVID-19. From day one, our primary goal has been protecting the health and well-being of our residents and staff.

This week we are reaching a new milestone – the ability to provide COVID-19 testing to our staff twice a week. This is an initiative we have been striving for over the past many weeks however, the ability to access testing was an enormous challenge and now we have capabilities that were made possible through the state order. We support such testing.

If a staff member tests positive, they will be sent home and will only return to work per New York Department of Health rules and guidelines.

Testing staff members is one of many protective measures being taken. Some of these other measures include social distancing, closing the building to visitors, cancelling communal dining and group events, expanding sanitizing procedures and frequencies, and instituting check-ins for all staff, regardless of role, upon arriving at work. All staff members have access to and can utilize N95 face masks, face shields, medical grade protective glasses and isolation gowns.

To make sure no one feels alone during this time of separation we continue to have social phone calls to families and video (Facetime, Skype, etc.) via AOHConnect and our Community Life staff provides one-on-one and distance-safe engagement activities. Our remarkable staff is working hard to give special care and support to all of our residents each day.

We are working tirelessly to provide a loving, nurturing environment for our residents and staff and are committed to keeping you informed, including by proactively calling family members to let them know how their loved ones are doing. You also can find regular updates through and

With each day challenges arise, but together we find ways to overcome. We are a community of remarkable people who selflessly serve one another during this unprecedented time.

If you have questions please call: 914-478-3700


James Rosenman

Chief Executive Officer



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