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Update: Access to Testing

In several prior posts/communications on AOHNotify, we expressed a concern about the lack of access to Covid-19 testing and our many efforts to obtain testing over the past several weeks from/through many different sources.

We are very pleased about the following recent developments:

After weeks of searching including requests through public health channels, we are very pleased to announce that we have located a lab which will be able to conduct testing for us per CDC guidelines and through the oversight of our Chief Medical Officer.

In addition, we received notification from Westchester County that they are in the process of deploying testing kits to all nursing facilities (including AOH) within the county. We are very supportive of this move and look forward to learning more about this process and working with the county on the testing.

Government officials have noted that they expect to see more confirmed cases of Covid-19 in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and other providers. These test results may indicate there are new cases or may confirm cases that were already suspected.

We welcome more tools and data that empower and enable us to make even more informed clinical, prevention and containment decisions.

We will provide more communications in the coming days regarding testing as we learn more details.



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