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Visitation Paused

Due to two (2) staff member COVID-19 positive test results during routine screening, we are unfortunately required to pause all in-person visitation for 14 days under the "1 positive" rule. We know this will cause frustration and we understand that and regret having to pause visitation. We will transition back to window visits during the interim period.

We understand the current state requirements are intended to better protect residents and are not criticizing the Department of Health, however we strongly desire to have these requirements evolve with changing positivity rates in the greater community, too, so that visitation can be maintained but with safety focused "guardrails". We believe that the new federal guidance provides more safety-focused flexibility with regard to positive cases and we remain hopeful that NYS will adopt those new guidelines.

We encourage anyone that is concerned about the current visitation regulations to contact Governor Cuomo's office:



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