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Visitation Restriction Update

As mentioned in a prior post, we have seen a significant drop of residents on COVID-19 monitoring protocols. It is too early to draw any conclusions as to whether this will remain a long range trend because it is not a virus where we can look back at historical trends-- so we are cautiously optimistic but remain highly vigilant.

We understand that this has been a trying period with the ongoing visitor restrictions and our Community Life Department and staff have been working hard to increase and expand opportunities for families and their loved ones/residents to communicate via AOHConnect and window visits-- which has received very positive feedback. We thank our staff members greatly for coordinating and managing these programs.

General updates/information regarding lifting of visitation restrictions:

  1. No changes to visitation restrictions can be made by AOH without express permission and approval by the NY State Department of Health and CMS (federal)

  2. We are actively monitoring all guidance/regulations/updates regarding visitation restriction changes

  3. CMS has released guidance on paths for lifting visitor restrictions and we are reviewing this in-depth. However, we are awaiting state guidance that aligns or provides additional information-- so we can ensure we are following a clear and compliant pathway

  4. We will be posting information about resident testing, soon-- and this testing, in part- is one of the components required with regard to lifting visitation restrictions (in the federal guidance)

We are committed to adhering to a safe and compliant pathway to lifting of visitation restrictions and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available to us.



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