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Visitation Update #1

To ensure you stay in the information loop and as a follow-up from the last post regarding visitation (restrictions); we have the following updates/recaps to share regarding easing of visitation restrictions:

  1. As a general requirement, we must go 28 days without a new COVID-19 case with either staff or residents

  2. When we are able to ease restrictions on visitation, we will not initially resume the visits as they were before restrictions were put into place (such as being able to go to the resident floors, visiting without advance notice/selection of time/date, etc.)

  3. We will seek to maintain a reasonable flow of visitation slots with the understanding that safety is of paramount importance and the processes will reflect that commitment and need

  4. We have submitted our safety plan to the state that outlines steps, precautions and processes we will need to take in order to ensure that visits are done in a responsible manner consistent with guidelines and regulations

  5. Next week, we will begin initial steps of rolling out our visitation plan and processes through AOHNotify and via regular mail. This timeline could change depending on circumstances such as outcomes from routine testing- and we will communicate those changes if they do need to occur.

We understand these have been trying times and we all look forward to a phased and safe "reopening" for visitation.

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