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Visitation Update #2

There were numerous news stories yesterday regarding resuming visitation in nursing homes-- and there were some details shared regarding the guidance that is going to be sent to nursing homes. These details, we believe, were shared at a press conference by state elected and public health officials.

Below are some quick points to help better clarify our current status:

  • We do not have a formal date for resumption of visitation-- the effective date of the new guidance said at a press conference is Friday 2/26 but not necessarily the visitation start date-- this has caused a lot of confusion for the public.

  • As mentioned in the AOHNotify post over the weekend, when we receive a formal guidance document from the NY Department of Health (which is a standard process when there is a change) -- we will review and then communicate to families/loved ones, residents and staff the processes AOH must put into place

We will send out updated communications when we receive formal guidance from the state. We appreciate your patience as we are working as quickly as possible to facilitate the resumption of visitation--but it is our responsibility and commitment to be compliant with rules and regulations and ensure we have a safety focused plan in place.



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