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Water Supply Disruption Update #2

The water supply to the building is still disrupted/off and our emergency protocols are still in effect. The repair was not made in the original estimated time range provided to us by the water company. The water company is still working on the repair and we do not have a current projected repair time as of right now.

As a recap from the first update:

In response to this water emergency we have activated our emergency water protocols:

  1. Emergency drinking water and water for care are being distributed to all areas of the building to ensure continuity of supply.

  2. We have a large amount of emergency water on-hand and we have also informed our off-site water tanker supplier to be ready in the event this is a prolonged outage.

  3. Infection control protocols (specific to a loss of water scenario) are in effect

  4. Food services will be utilizing paper supplies for dining until water service is resumed.

We have requested an emergency water tanker and is on its way to AOH to supply water to the main supply system in the event the outage is an extended duration.

We will continue to keep you updated.



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