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Your Voice Matters - Support Quality Care at Andrus on Hudson

Dear Friend of Andrus on Hudson,

Today, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture, where your voice can make a significant difference in the lives of the older adults we serve.

As you may be aware, the 2024-25 Executive Budget Proposal is on the horizon, with its release expected on January 16th. This proposal presents a critical opportunity for meaningful change in the nursing home Medicaid methodology—a change that is vital for the continued provision of high-quality care at non-profit providers like AOH (Andrus on Hudson).

Currently, New York State’s nursing home Medicaid rates cover only about 75% of the cost of care for Medicaid residents. This alarming shortfall places New York among the states with the poorest nursing home reimbursement, resulting in an $810 million Medicaid funding gap for nursing home care in New York.

The impact of this funding gap is profound. It affects the ability to recruit and retain the very best skilled staff necessary to provide the level of care our residents deserve. It can also hampen continued efforts to offer life-enriching programs that are essential for the well-being of residents.

Your voice is powerful.

We are more than a nursing facility; we are a community built on care, compassion, and commitment. With your support, we can continue to be for many more years to come.

Please send an email via the link below to Governor Hochul expressing your support:

With Appreciation,

James Rosenman


Andrus on Hudson

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