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This document proposes the formation of a non-profit tech center “underneath” the upcoming parent organizational structure. This center will be dedicated to utilizing technology to serve and enhance the Blueprint 2.0 focus pathways.  By creating new funding streams, providing Advisory services, and partnering with academic institutions, private sector companies, and aging services organizations, we aim to make a positive impact on our own entities, the greater community and beyond.


Our revenue streams will come from various sources, including conferences, education, Advisory, IP development and licensing. We will have expenses related to Advisorys, staff, overhead, and development of IP. Our team will be composed of experienced professionals with a background in technology, business, and aging services.


Why establish the Center?


To utilize technology applications to improve, solve or unlock potential within Blueprint 2.0 focus areas; establish new funding streams, create opportunities for collaboration, education, and partnership opportunities with academic institutions, private sector companies and aging services organizations at large. This center will establish Andrus Pathways/ Andrus on Hudson as a thought leader in elder services technology. 

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